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this title refers to a counterproductive piece of private property framework for collective embodied study, for bodies and installation (2018) (more)

untitled installation for text, images, and metronome with Chris Lee (2018)

string figures for two or more human bodies, electric guitar, and environmental materials (2018) (more)

how does your bodily awareness shift when you read these words? for instrumentalists and embodied listeners (2018)

studies in interiorities for digital audio and environment (2018)

not the subject’s language for cello and live electronics (4 performers) (2018)

ever-receding horizon for solo bowed string instrument (2018)

this is a performance about you, not its maker for three to ten acoustic instruments in an indoor concert music venue (2017) (more)

a rift, like the breath drawn in, immaculate for clarinet, percussion, harp, violin, and cello (2017) (more)

center unmoored in the presence of infinite fringes for solo prepared bass tuba (2016) (more)

threshold for string trio (2015-16)  (more)

voice-dross displacement for concealed speakers (2014) (more)

not this for bass flute, bass clarinet, alto/baritone saxophone, piano, percussion, mezzo-soprano, violin, viola, cello, and double-bass (2014) (more)

realizations of highly indeterminate scores (2014- ) (more)

distances swarming and encompassing for solo prepared electric guitar with optional live video projection (2011/14) (more)

engulfed, constrained in a widening gap for flute/piccolo, clarinet, violin, viola, and cello (2013) [also in version for flute/piccolo, soprano saxophone, violin, viola, and cello] (more)

remainder for amplified solo percussion with live video projection (2013) (more)

nor nothing towards obstruction or else erasure yet and for two percussionists (2012) (more)
tips of the fingers direct the uncontrollable surface for solo piano (2011/14) (more)

futures unmade in the boundlessness of the instant for solo soprano saxophone (2011/rev. 2016) (more)

the indifferent horizon apathetically rests on the ground, devouring everything that looks like something for violin, clarinet in B-flat, and piano (2010) (more)


–clinamen for four to eight players

simulacrum for two to five players

morass for four to ten players

mesh for two to four players

must go on…for solo violin (2004-6)

–All works registered with BMI–

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